There are lots of reputable madden 17 strategy guide websites out there.  Some are run by great people and make high quality products.  Some, however, are very poorly run and provide terrible service.  Here are 4 websites you should skip when considering where to purchase a Madden 17 ebook.

Madden Allstars

They have possibly the worst reputation in the Madden community.  Poorly made products, information and plays stolen directly from their competitors.

Madden Gurus/Madden Players

If this was 2008, then I would absolutely recommend them.  However, their technology and their product hasn’t changed with the times.  Their reputation got so bad at one point that they changed their website to to try to rebrand.

The guy in charge of Madden Gurus constantly bad mouths every other Madden website claiming that he and he alone is the only one who could ever help you improve your Madden game.  That is far from the truth, there are plenty of excellent Madden strategy websites.  Unfortunately, Madden Gurus is not one of them.


They do a decent job with their tips and guides but they are a straight knock off of Madden School.  They use the exact same design, layout and style as Madden School in order to try to confuse customers.  They charge more than their competitors who they are just copying anyway.  Stay away.

Madden Prodigy

They have been known to straight up steal other websites’ guides.  Not just plays or setups but reselling the entire product.  This is another place that was pretty good in 2008 but just has not stayed up to date and so their products are extremely outdated.

Stay as far away from those 4 websites as you can.

However, there are a few Madden 17 guide websites that we do recommend and who have excellent reputations throughout the Madden community.

Madden 17 Websites We Recommend

Madden Daily

They have excellent tips and are one of the leaders in weekly Madden tips.  They have a great team of guys there and a great product.  They have a relatively new website but they do produce a top quality product.

The Gamers Lab

They have been around for what seems like forever.  Consistently good products.  Can’t go wrong with them.

Madden School

Absolutely mind blowing support.  The leader in ebooks and strategy guides.  They’ve been around forever, and they offer one of the best values around with their Madden School Unlimited package.  They are offering our readers 20% off their membership by entering the coupon code, “VGR” at checkout.

There are lots of Madden websites out their and we haven’t heard about them all.  Leave a comment below with which Madden websites you like and which ones people should stay away from in Madden NFL 17.