As you get ready for Madden 17, there are a few YouTube channels you’ll want to subscribe to.  We cover some of our favorites below.

Madden School – Madden 17 Tips

If you are looking for no nonsense Madden 17 tips, then this is the channel to follow.  Usually their tip videos are anywhere from 2-5 minutes and go over money plays, nano blitzes, and schemes that work in head to head, MUT, or offline.

LazarBeam – Madden Challenges

If you are looking for some entertainment, this is the guy to subscribe to.  He does all sorts of cool challenges like can Eli Manning return a kick for a touchdown and other ridiculous stuff of that nature..

Chris Smoove – Commentary and Gameplay

Chris Smoove may be the most entertaining Madden YouTuber and is sure to have some of the best Madden 17 videos.  He has about 3 million subscribers so you know he is doing something right.

What Madden NFL YouTube channels do you like?  Let us know in the comments.