So you have decided that Madden 18 is the year that you are going to start beating your friends, family, and coworkers.  You have a few options at that point.

  1. Put in hundreds of hours practicing and trying to figure out what works
  2. Browse around the internet hopelessly trying to find something that actually works
  3. Pick up a Madden 18 eBook or strategy guide from a reputable website

The first option takes way too much time.  The second option is extremely hit or miss.  You will find one decent play that fits your scheme for every 10 that you try.  The third option is by far the most effective, but it will require a small investment.

This article is going to focus on the third option, picking up a Madden 18 strategy guide or ebook.  It isn’t just as simple as finding something for sale and purchasing it.  Below, we are going to cover what you should look for from a Madden 18 tips provider.

How Long Have They Been In the Madden Community

This is probably the single most important factor you should look for before you purchase a Madden eBook.  There are about 3 Madden websites that have been established for a long enough time that you can rest assured they will provide a quality product.  There are probably 100 other people/websites/YouTube channels who sell garbage.

Luckily it is incredibly easy to tell who provides a professional service and who is just in it for a quick buck.  Here are some things to look for when evaluating which ebook or guide you want to buy.

  • Does the website look professional?
  • Do they provide free tips and strategies that you like?
  • Do they quickly respond to any pre-purchase questions you have?
  • Have they been around for at least 3 years?

If the answer is no to any of those questions, you should probably look elsewhere.

Verify What The eBook Contains

The words “eBook” and “strategy guide” can mean so many different things when it comes to Madden 18.

You can buy an eBook from one place and they will send you a list of 20 plays to your email address 2 days later and never hear from them again.  That is something that happens fairly often in the Madden community.

You can purchase an ebook from a different website and they will instantly send you login information to a members only area with 40 plays, full HD videos, voiceover, written breakdowns, play setups, unlimited support, and even an app for iPhone and Android.

The key takeaway here is that not all Madden eBooks are the same.

How Honest Do You Sense They Are?

This is incredibly important because many people who are new to the community fall for this one.  So many people advertise that if you just buy their Madden 18 guide, you will go undefeated and win every game you play.

Some guarantee a touchdown every play.  If you run into a website advertising something like that, run away as fast as you can.

If the guarantees seem too good to be true, they probably are.  Find a place that has patient and understanding support, a good community, and gives realistic expectations about what their ebooks provide.

These are some of the key things we look for in Madden 18 ebook providers.  What do you look for?  Let us know in the comments section.