Twitter is an incredibly important way to get the latest information.  As Madden 17 gets closer, you will want to follow a few people so you can stay up to date with the latest updates, tips, and news.

We’ve compiled a list of the people/companies you will want to follow.

@EAMaddenNFL – This one is pretty self explanatory.  It is the official Twitter account for Madden NFL games.  You’ll get the information that EA Sports as a corporation wants you to get from this account.

@RexDEAFootball – This is the Twitter account of Rex Dickson, the creative director of Madden 17.

@MaddenSchool – This is the Twitter account for, the leader in Madden 17 tips.  They’ve been providing Madden strategies for over a decade.  If you need some advice or help with Madden, follow them.

@ClintOlderburg – Clint Oldenburg is a designer for Madden 17 and a former NFL offensive lineman.

@MUTGuru – If you are big into Madden Ultimate team, you gotta follow this guy.  He is a communications specialist for EA Sports.  He interacts well with the community and provides the latest MUT information.

There are plenty of other deserving people you should follow if you are going to pick up Madden 17, but these guys are a great start.