It is way too early to know exactly what cheats will work in Madden 17.  However, there are certain things that seem to work regardless of which Madden NFL game EA Sports releases.

Yes, Madden NFL 17 is already in production.  The team at EA Tiburon has been working on it for months already.  There hasn’t been any official news yet since that doesn’t usually come out until the April but we do know generally what will work and what won’t.

We discuss some strategies and cheats that you can use when Madden 17 comes out to get a head start on the competition.

Use Nano Blitzes and Max Coverage Defense in Madden 17

This can be considered controversial to some, cheesy to others, and straight up cheating to many.  As hard as EA Sports tries to eliminate nano blitzes, there are millions of people who play Madden 17 and at least a few of them will find a way to bring insane pressure.

Find The Best Madden 17 Strategy Websites

Through the power of the internet, once one person finds a great blitz, it can spread throughout the community in a matter of days.  Websites like have teams of pro Madden 17 gamers who go out of their way to teach Madden 17 tips and cheats.

YouTube is another great resource.  Simply by browsing around YouTube searching for things like Madden 17 tips or Madden 17 nano blitzes, you will be able to find all kinds of helpful plays that you can add into your scheme.

Perfect Those Money Plays

Once you find a play that works consistently, your offense becomes instantly better in Madden 17.  Not everything will work 100% of the time, but if you have a play that you know beats man to man defense every time, it makes it much easier to gameplan and you will find your opponent constantly trying to adjust to what you are doing.

When the first glitches or cheats for Madden 17 come out, we will update you.