When the casual gamer thinks about the Madden football franchise, they think of nano blitzes, money plays, and glitches.  In Madden 18, you will run into people who use those things all the time in any sort of competitive online play.  When that happens, you have 3 basic options:

  1. Have better money plays and glitches that the guy you are playing
  2. Know how to stop your opponents money plays
  3. Quit the game and pick up a loss

I think we’d all agree that option 1 or 2 is favorable to option 3.  We asked out friends over at Madden-School.com to help us out with a few tips and tricks that they use to get ready for Madden 18.  Here are their suggestions.

How To Stop Nano Blitzes

Nano blitzes can never be stopped completely so lets get rid of that notion altogether.  However, with slide protection, and blocking an extra running back or 2, you have always been able to slow even the toughest blitzes down.

Madden NFL 17 allowed you to make a “Max Protect” adjustment before the snap of the ball.  This same feature will be in Madden 18 as well.  Choose this option if you are expecting your opponent to send heavy pressure at your quarterback and your offensive line hasn’t done a great job of stopping it before.  Max protection will instruct all of your tight ends and running backs to stay in and block instead of running routes.

Lets not be naive.  This won’t stop all nano blitzes but it will give you an easy way to slow the majority of them down.

How To Stop Money Plays

Money plays have been giving longtime Madden players nightmares for years.  If you ever watched the Madden Bus on ESPN or been to a Madden Challenge, you know that just about the only thing those players used was some combination of money plays.  It would be idiotic to think that Madden NFL 18 will eliminate all of the money plays that worked in previous games.

However, defensive AI has become a lot smarter than before. Furthermore, the disguised defensive coverages and protect the sticks feature will allow for more variation in defenses.  Any good Madden 18 strategy guide or ebook combined with decent user skill will make defense much easier than ever before.

Learn Madden 18 Tips and Strategies

We’ve focused so far on going over how to stop other peoples’ schemes.  That is a great start but it is more important to be able to attack yourself and force other people to stop what you are doing.  You can find plenty of suggestions on how to get better at Madden on Twitter, YouTube, and various websites.  If you put a little time into it, you can hold your own in most franchises, leagues, or tournaments.

Once you get a few pointers, head into practice mode and try out all the new tips you collected.  Don’t expect to hop into a ranked game and instantly have perfected someone else’s Madden eBook.

Hopefully these tips will help you in your quest for success in Madden 18.


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