Two of the more common Madden websites are Madden School and Madden Gurus.  A few weeks ago we compared Madden Daily and Madden School.  Today, we are going to focus on MS and MG.  We’ll put them through the same test as we always do.

What Do They Focus On?

Both websites focus on eBooks.  Madden Gurus releases a whole bunch of lower quality ebooks (it isn’t uncommon for them to release 5 or more ebooks in a month) and charges you anywhere from $25-$30 per ebook.  There is a lot of the same plays in the different Madden Gurus guides so it often doesn’t make sense to buy more than 1 guide on offense and 1 guide on defense from them.

Madden School focuses on eBooks.  They usually release 6-8 eBooks per year.  Each eBook contains 25-40 plays and are all based out of individual playbooks.  The big advantage for Madden School here is that their ebooks are way more in depth and detailed meaning you will not have to constantly change playbooks.  You will also have a more complete offense and defense.


How Long Have They Been Around?

Madden School has been in the Madden community since 2008.  Madden Gurus has been around since 2006.  So about 8 years for and 10 years for


Cost and Pricing Structure

Madden School allows you to purchase all of their eBooks for the entire year for less than the price of 2 Madden Gurus eBooks or you can get access to all of the Madden School eBooks (and updates) for a month for $19 compared with $25-$30 for just one Madden Gurus eBook.

This one is a no brainer.


Free Tips and Strategies

Madden Gurus free tips are more promotion videos to purchase their content.  This is usually in the form of showing you a really effective nano blitz but telling you that you have to buy an ebook to get it.

Madden School gives away a lot of free content.  With Madden School you know exactly how to run each play when you view a free tip without having to purchase anything.


Customer Support

Madden School has by far the best customer support in the community.  That is where they really stand apart from other Madden websites.  Try emailing them with a question or leaving a comment on a tip they post.  From my experience, they will usually get back to you within an hour.

Madden Gurus has amazing pre-purchase customer support.  Have a question and they will answer it right away.  It can give off the impression that they are more focused on getting new customers than taking care of their existing members.  They aren’t bad by any means but they don’t come close to matching the support that Madden School offers.


Overall Review

You’ll want to stay away from  They started also going by over the last couple of years.  If this was 2009, then it might be a good choice but in 2016 you have a lot of better options.

Madden School is the far superior option in this comparison.  They provide a better bang for your buck, more advanced tips, and a more complete experience.  The eBooks are laid out incredibly well, they have an iOS and Android App for their customers, and they seem to always be a few weeks ahead of everyone else in terms of finding the best new plays and schemes.  Their customer service is the best in the business.


What has your experience been between with these 2 communities?  Sound off in the comments.