There are a lot of different websites out there that claim to make you better at Madden 18.  Many of them sell you what they consider to be the best plays and schemes.  If you find a good one, you can rest assured that you will get significantly better at Madden and start winning more games right away.

If you find a bad one though, you will likely walk away from the experience feeling cheated and angry.  We’ve done the research for you so that you can avoid the 90% of bad websites out there selling ineffective strategy guides and ebooks.

To be clear, we are absolutely comfortable recommending every website listed below.  These are all good companies that have provided solid ebooks for at least 3 years.  If the website isn’t on this list however, you should probably think twice and do a lot more research before purchasing from them.

With that being said, let’s get started.

1. Madden School comes in as our top recommendation for Madden 18 ebooks and strategy guides.  We generally try to rank these websites on 4 main characteristics: price, quality, customer support, and how long they have been around.

Madden School comes in a clear #1 on customer support and length they have been in business.  They have covered Madden games for over 10 years now providing tips for Madden going all the way back to the PS2/XBOX days.  That is comforting because you know they aren’t going anywhere.  They aren’t just going to take your money and then disappear.

Their dedication to amazing customer support is probably the most unique quality that Madden School offers and what truly sets them apart.  If you have a question about something completely unrelated to their products or an idea for a future ebook or just a general inquiry, you will get a thorough and detailed response.

The pricing for Madden School is both expensive and ridiculously cheap at the same time.  They started offering a product called, Madden School Unlimited in 2015 that gives you access to every single ebook, guide, tip, strategy, etc that they release for the entire year.  It is $59.99 regularly but with the coupon code “VGR” you get 20% off to bring the total to $47.99.

Generally individual Madden ebooks cost $25 a piece.  So for less than the price of 2 Madden ebooks, you will get 10+ ebooks.  That breaks down to less than $5 an ebook.  Now this only makes sense if you have the $47.99 to spend up front and if you are confident that what you are getting is worth it.  We recommend them and they have a testimonial page a mile long from people on social media.

The final reason why we recommend Madden School is due to the quality of the ebooks.  The ebooks are designed in an extremely easy to understand way with HD videos and written breakdowns.  The members only Madden School Unlimited app is one of the biggest innovations in the Madden community and something that only Madden School offers.  You can access all of MS Unlimited via the easy to use app on iOS and Android.

2. Madden Universe is a little newer to the Madden community getting started in 2013 but they make an absolutely excellent product, have great support, and constantly provide updates.

They provide great content and they truly care about making you a better Madden player.  Those are 2 extremely important qualities.

Their pricing ranges from $20-$25 per ebook.  They do run sales every now and then so be on the lookout for those if you want a cheaper price.  Excellent quality but the drawback here is if you want to purchase all of their products over the course of a year, you are looking at a price tag of hundreds of dollars.

The other very slight negative is that they do not offer refunds on their products.

The positives easily outweigh the negatives which is why Madden Universe is our #2 rated website for Madden 18.

At this point, Madden School and Madden Universe are the 2 Madden websites we recommend most.  Let us know in the comments sections which ebook providers you like!