Our Rules

All VGR.com members must read and fully understand our rules before playing in any 1v1 matches or tournaments.  It is your responsibility to know and follow all of our rules.  Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse.

Default Madden Rules

  • 4 Minute Quarters – All-Pro – Accelerated Clock Off
  • No blocking kicks or punts.
  • No fake punts or fake field goals. If the ball is turned over the rule is void.
  • No onside kicks until the 4th quarter and you are losing. If the ball is not recovered the rule is void.

You and your opponent are free to set your own rules if you agree on them before the match starts.  Always document any agreements or rules before you start the game.  If there is no proof of an agreement for custom rules before the game, we will decide the outcome based on our default rules.

Website Rules

  • You may not edit or change any player on any roster.  Custom players or rosters are not allowed.
  • Lag is not an excuse to quit unless both you and your opponent agree (and it is documented).
  • There are no forfeit wins in 1v1 matches.  Do not report a win in a game that has not begun.
  • If you do not report the outcome of a match within 2 hours from the time the challenge is accepted, you are conceding the game.
  • If you claim a win in a match you lost and cannot provide valid proof of your win, it will result in an automatic forfeit and dispute penalty of up to $10 (at the website’s discretion).
  • If you provide inaccurate evidence in an attempt to mislead the VGR staff, it will result in an automatic forfeit and fine of up to $25 and/or your account being closed (at the website’s discretion).


  • If a player can prove a rule to be broken by their opponent at a point where they are winning or the game is tied, the game should be exited immediately.  The player who broke the rule will lose the game.
  • For multiplayer tournaments a rule violation will result in an automatic forfeit.
  • All decisions rendered by the VGR.com staff are binding.

Document Everything

It is your responsibility to document everything in the evident of a dispute.  We cannot monitor all games and discussions so it falls on you to take screenshots, videos, and keep records.  The more detailed you are, the better chance you have of winning your dispute.  If you cannot provide documentation or proof during a dispute, we will likely find in your opponent’s favor.

We recommend that our competitors stream or record every game and archive past broadcasts.  We also recommend taking screenshot or pictures of any points in the game that you think could be important.

Again, all decisions rendered by the VGR.com staff are considered final and binding.