and are two Madden tips and cheats websites you’ve probably heard of before.  Today, we are going to compare and contrast their strengths, weaknesses, and offerings.

What Do They Focus On?

Both websites focus on Madden ebooks.  Sportsgamerz releases fairly consistent ebooks and charges from $20-$30 per ebook.  The quality of these ebooks can be hit or miss.  Some of them are very good, and some of them don’t work well at all.  There can be some overlap in plays between different ebooks.

Madden School also focuses on eBooks.  They usually release 10-12 eBooks per year.  Each eBook contains 25-40 plays.  The big advantage for Madden School here is that their ebooks are more in depth, easier to understand, and useful to gamers of all skill levels.


How Long Have They Been Around?

Madden School was started in early 2008.  Sportsgamerz was started in mid-2011.  They have both been around for a pretty long time.  9 years for Madden School and 6 years for Sportsgamerz.


Cost and Pricing Structure

The pricing between individual ebooks is pretty similar between the 2.  In general, they will cost you around $25 each.

However, Madden School offers access to all of their ebooks via their Madden School Unlimited package for $59.99 which brings the total cost of each ebook to about $5.  You can use the coupon code, “VGR” for an additional 20% off Madden School Unlimited.


Free Tips and Strategies

Sportsgamerz does not offer free tips.  It is exclusively paid content.  Madden School does a good job of providing at least a few free tips per week.


Customer Support

Madden School has the best customer service in the community.  That is where they really stand apart from other Madden websites.

Sportsgamerz does a good job of customer service as well but not at the same level.


Overall Review

Madden School has been our favorite Madden tips website in the past and continues to be in Madden 18.  Sportsgamerz has good content but at this point they are basically just copying Madden School with the same website design, layout, and ebook software.

Madden School has their proprietary Madden School Unlimited app which lets you also view any of your ebooks on the go wherever you are.

This one is a clean sweep and the choice is pretty obvious.



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