Why VGR?

Our 2 biggest competitors take 12-14% of your winnings.  We think those fees are outrageous.  Our fee structure is incredibly simple.  In exchange for our matchmaking, escrow, and dispute resolution services, we take a small 5% fee on each game played with a minimum service fee of $1.

Our competitors charge almost 3 times as much as us, and because they have had no serious competition in the last 5 years, they can continue to raise those fees leaving gamers with no choice but to pay them.

We launched VGR.com with the intent to revolutionize the industry and put an end to outrageous fees.  We were built by gamers, for gamers.  Let’s compare how our fees stack up to our top competitors.

Gamersaloon: 14% service fee

Worldgaming: 12% service fee

VGR: 5% service fee

Let’s take this a step further.  Let’s assume you win 10 money games for $10 each.  Let’s compare how much you would make on our platform vs our competitors.

Gamersaloon: You’d win $72

Worldgaming: You’d win $76

VGR: You’d win $90

Or put another way, we’d take $10 for our service, Worldgaming would take $24, and Gamersaloon would take $28.  Why pay twice or almost 3 times as much for the same service?

What does that mean for me?

We operate on razor-thin margins.  When you deposit money into your VGR.com account, PayPal takes about 3% of that money from us (your account still gets credited with the full amount you deposit).  However, that means that we essentially operate on a 2% margin (5%-3% = 2%)

We have a lot of expenses: developing the platform, running servers, advertising, support staff, accounting, etc.  The 2% margin has to pay for all of that.

Because of our commitment to maintaining the absolute lowest fees in the industry, we have a zero-tolerance policy for scammers, cheaters, or people who attempt to defraud us or our members.

We reserve the right to ban any player from our platform for any reason.